Youth killed first brother and then sister-in-law in property dispute | Youth killed first brother and then sister-in-law in property dispute


Digital Desk Satna. In Premnagar under City Kotwali, there was a stir on Friday afternoon when a young man first shot his own elder brother and then sister-in-law in an illegal pistol due to a property dispute. Police said that the accused also targeted the nephew but the fire missed. Even after double murder, the accused did not run away. The police have arrested him.
Danadan fired 2 fire, the third miss –——
Police said that Yashpal Singh Parihar Tanay late Jayay Mangal Singh (46), a resident of Premnagar, returned home after working in a clothes shop at 3 pm on Friday. At that time his younger brother Brijendra Singh (40) was repairing a damaged tank in the garden behind the house. Meanwhile, Yashpal also went to the toilet built in the garden. It has been said that there was an argument between the two about something. Meanwhile, the whole house was shaken by a fire blast. Hearing the sound of fire, when accused Brijendra’s sister-in-law Sunita Singh (43) reached the spot, she saw that the brother-in-law had a pistol in her hand and her husband was suffering on the floor covered with blood. The accused opened the second fire-in-law. Sister-in-law also became unconscious. Yashpal died on the spot, while Sunita died on the way to the hospital. Both were shot on the left side. It is alleged that when Yashpal’s 22-year-old son Kuldeep reached the spot, the accused targeted him and also shot him. It was a reward that the fire missed. Kuldeep escaped and took shelter in the neighborhood and from there he informed Doyle-100, Police Control Room and City Kotwali Police.
Accused did not run even after double murder: —–
On the news of the incident, SP Dharamvir Singh Yadav, CSP Vijay Pratap Singh, Police Line Incharge SM Civil Upadhyay, Siti Kotwali TI Archana Dwivedi and Police Station Incharge Mohit Saxena of Kolgawan reached the spot. Accused Brijendra Singh did not run away from the house even after double murder. He hid the pistol used in the murder under the cupboard at home. Witnesses said that the accused also helped to bring the blood-soaked brother and sister-in-law to the ambulance. The accused is in police custody. It is said that the accused came from Jabalpur about a month ago and he also put paint on his part of the house.
After all, where did the pistol come from: ——–
A big aspect associated with the sensational double murder is that from where did the illegal pistol come to the accused Brijendra Singh Parihar? Police sources said that before this incident, the accused also had a dispute with his sister-in-law. After the dispute, the accused phoned someone and asked him to send the goods. After this call, an unknown youth reached the accused’s house and left with a packet? The question is, who was the person who went away on a phone after giving the accused an illegal fact? Are illegal weapons like pistols so readily available in the city?
The mother’s pension is also at the root of the dispute: ———
Police said Brijendra Singh Tanay, an accused in the murder, is a lawyer by late Jay Jay Mangal Singh Parihar and lives in Jabalpur with wife Rakhi and 2 daughters. His ancestral residence is here in Premnagar. In one part of the ancestral house, his elder brother Yashpal Singh, wife Sunita Singh (43) lived with two of his three sons, Yashwant (25) and Kuldeep (22). While the third son Ashish lives near his tau Mahendra Singh in Shahdol. Tau is retired from the post of DPO. The second part of this house in Premnagar is in favor of accused Brijendra. Where 75-year-old mother Rama Devi lives with one of her daughters. Daughter’s mental condition is not good. Police said that the father of the accused was posted as DA at PHE. The mother was receiving a pension after her death nearly 25 years ago. The accused was in possession of this pension. Every month at the time of pension, the accused used to come to Satna from Jabalpur. The root of the quarrel was also the distribution of the mother’s pension.


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