Youth came to the police station riding a 1400 kilometer cycle, know what is the matter

If you are serious about the law, before arrest, the police will also honor you with garlands….

Ujjain Some people are so sensitive to the law that they do not even see their sufferings. As soon as a person living in Bihar came to know that a warrant for his name has come out from a police station in Ujjain, he left his bicycle on the journey of 1400 km without caring for his sufferings. There was no money on the way, so he ate food after working as a laborer and reached Ujjain in 10 days.

This is the story of Mukesh’s father Ramchandra Lohar, who lives in Sitamarhi, Bihar. He reached Nagjhiri police station in Ujjain 1400 km from Bihar. When the top officials came to know, everyone respected the young man’s spirit and welcomed him with a garland.

ASP Rupesh Kumar Divvedi said that Mukesh Lohar was booked in Madhavnagar police station in a case of assault in 2014. Later this episode reached there when the new police station opened in Nagjhiri. A permanent warrant was issued against Mukesh.

Reported to Mukesh

Police found Mukesh’s mobile number and informed him. On this, on September 29, Mukesh took a bicycle from home and left for Ujjain. He also wanted to respect the law. There was no money, so left for Ujjain by bicycle. He also worked on hunger on the way. On Wednesday, when he reached the police station by bicycle, the policemen were also surprised. In view of his dedication to the law, policemen wore pool garlands at the police station and welcomed him.

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