Young brother’s ax killed in land dispute – Raheewara of Singodi, accused in police custody | Young brother’s ax killed in land dispute – Raheewada of Singodi, accused in police custody


Digital Desk Chhindwara. A bloody conflict took place between two brothers in a land dispute in village Rahiwada in Singodi Chowki area. The elder stabbed the ax and killed the younger brother. The incident took place at around 5.30 pm on Thursday evening. As soon as the incident was reported, the police team reached the spot and took the accused into custody. Police is investigating the case whether the accused along with his family members were involved.
Police said 35-year-old Balraj’s father Sumran Malviya, a resident of Rahiwada, and his elder brother, 48-year-old Raju Malviya, had a long-running dispute over land. On Thursday, there was a dispute in the field between the two. During the dispute, Raju Malaviya attacked Balraj with an ax. Balraj, who was injured in the attack, died on the spot. During the dispute, the wife and son of accused Raju were also present on the spot. Police has taken the accused Raju into custody. Police has registered a case under section 302 against the accused.


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