Yogi government shows mirror amid opposition’s hysteria on women’s crime | Yogi government shows mirror amid opposition’s hysterics on women’s crime


Lucknow, October 13 (IANS). Following the uproar by the opposition party on women’s crimes, including the incident of Hathras in Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi government has released data on this and tried to show the mirror to the opposition. The Yogi government has taken several steps to protect women and girls. He also gave evidence of this by forming the anti-Romeo squad with command of power. Prompt disposal of such cases, effective lobbying and maximum punishment has also been the commitment of the government.

According to the information received by the government, out of the accused of Paxo Act, the government has so far punished 919 people. Of these, 5 received punishment-e-death, 193 for life imprisonment and the rest got other punishment. The results of all these were also very positive.

Whether the case of overall crimes or crimes related to women, it has declined compared to previous years. According to the NCRB report, the cases of misconduct have decreased compared to last year. In comparison to 2016, there has been a decrease of 42.24 and 39 per cent in cases of female misconduct and abduction in 2020 respectively. Similarly, Uttar Pradesh ranked 26th among 29 states and 7 union territories in cases of misconduct.

The data collected on the basis of population also confirms this. 16.85 percent of the country’s people live in the state while the share of UP in crimes registered is only 10.92 percent. It is decreasing further.

In September 2020, rape cases declined to 27.32% as compared to September 2019.

Now the government has gone one step further. Along with putting up posters of the laurels, the government is going to run a special campaign in the name of Mission Shakti from Sharadiya Navratri to Basantik Navratri. Awareness, operation and information will have all three aspects in it. It will be monitored from the police station to the government level.

Regarding the incident of Hathras, the government’s spokesperson Siddharth Nath Singh said that the FIR was registered as per written or oral statement made by the aggrieved party from September 29 to the day the incident occurred on September 14. As per the changing statements, new sections were introduced in the FIR. Accordingly, discussions took place and arrests of criminals were also made. The government immediately set up the SIT to investigate the matter objectively.



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