Wow Dhanna Seth … 20 million lock for the property and security of crores in the house


Wow Dhanna Seth … 20 million lock for the property and security of crores in the house

Mohammad Ilyas / Udaipur
To say that old Dhanna Seth of Sohanlal Kothari Nagar, but the Alam of Kanjuci is such that there is no cost for security and self. He gave so much money on interest to many merchants and people of the nearby village that he kept them by doing his studies on small slips. He has taken checks in his own name from everyone. Many ornaments were mortgaged and some were also their own. He had kept crores of property and cash in shelves in a room and left CCTV cameras for his security and left a lock of only 20 rupees. Not only this, he did not even take a locker in the bank due to the rent for handling jewelry and cash. Police and FSL team investigated after the robbery in the house of Seth Sohanlal (84) son Meghraj Kothari in Kanod town on Monday night. And this fact came out in the inquiry. The police is busy in finding evidence in this whole case as well as locating the robbers. The police registered a case of robbery on the report of Madanlal Jain, son of the elder.
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Cupboard opened with keys
The robbers who were involved in the incident tied the old man’s hands with rope and feet. On shouting, one of the accused sat on top of him with a cloth in his mouth. The remaining other accused easily committed the crime by opening the cupboard locks with keys. Which way the accused went on the incident could not be disclosed due to the gathering of people even before the dog squad arrived.

Spread the mattresses, found many empty checks
Dhanna Seth Sohanlal Kothari had given money on interest not only to Kanod but also to the people of nearby villages. On the spot, apart from many leaflets written, checks of 20-25 lakhs of his own name have been found. Apart from the cupboards, the accused had also scattered the mattresses for cash.

Suspect the experts
Police say the aged lent money to many people in the vicinity at interest. He used to do such a big transaction alone, he used to go alone to collect interest. The police suspect that someone had full knowledge of the activities of the old man and that he had money and jewelry, for this reason, he carried out the crime easily. The accused spent about two to three hours in the house.
They say
Chance is inspected. Every aspect is being investigated. Former criminals, as well as people close to old age, are being searched. Mukesh Sankaran, ASP (Rural)



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