World Post Day 2020: Interesting facts related to how the postal service started

new Delhi. Every year, 9 October is celebrated as World Post Day every year. Because on this day, Universal Postal Union (UPU) was established in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland. And thereafter, on the request of Japan, during a ceremony in 1969, 9 October was declared to be celebrated as World Post Day.

Postal service communication is the oldest public service in our country, through which people used to send their messages through a letter. And also used to answer it eagerly. Even today, the postal service is doing its work with modern times. But many major changes have been made over time.

History of World Post Day-

If you want to know when it started, then we tell you that in the year 1840, Britain’s Sir Roland Hill created a means to provide messages. Through which hand-written messages were sent through a letter. And on this basis, this form changed to the postal service. It was he who started the world’s first international postal service.

Since then, its form gradually expanded and by the year 2018, 1,55,035 post offices have become in India. More than 1 lakh post offices were built in rural areas and 15,862 post offices were in urban areas. Let me tell you that India has the largest postal network in the world.

After this, the post office was divided into four categories.

Head post office

Sub Post Office

Additional Departmental Sub Post Office

Additional Departmental Branch Post Office

Speed ​​post starts in India

After this, many changes were also observed with changing times. The time of speed post came after the resources were available. Through which postal services started reaching us in a very short time. Let us tell you that Speed ​​Post started in India in 1986.

Benefits of postal department

The Department of Posts has an important contribution of 167. Let’s know the advantages of the postal department …

Home delivery benefits from postal department to about 82% of the global population.

The postal department has provided 77 percent online services.

The postal department provides about 133 post financial services.

We get things from the International Postal Service within five days.

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