Why was the Hindi remake of Kanchana named Laxmi Bomb? Director Raghav Lawrence explained the reason


new Delhi. Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film ‘Laxmi Bomb’ is in the news about controversies these days. A section is demanding it be banned on social media. Some people allege that the film promotes love jihad. At the same time, a class has objected to its name ‘Laxmi Bomb’ and has declared it against Hinduism.

Laxmi Bomb

Now director of the film Raghav Lawrence has told why he changed the name of the Hindi remake of the original film Kanchana made in Tamil to ‘Lakshmi Bomb’. Talking about the title of the film, Raghav Lawrence said, ‘The main character of our Tamil film was Kanchana. Kanchana means gold, which is itself a form of Lakshmi. Earlier we wanted to keep the Hindi name in the same way but later we all changed the name so that it could appeal to the Hindi audience and what could be better than the name Laxmi for it.

Laxmi Bomb

He further said, ‘By the grace of God this character comes like a blast in the film, so we named the Hindi film’ Lakshmi Bomb ‘. Just as the explosion of Laxmi Bomb is never missed, the lead character of this film is a transgender and she is very powerful. So this name is perfect for our film. ‘

Laxmi Bomb

Explain that Akshay Kumar is in the lead character in the film and he will be seen playing the role of Asif and Laxmi. Akshay’s opposite Kiara Advani will appear. This horror-comedy film will be released online on 9 November 2020 on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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