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The victim complained to the subdivision officer, the police arrested ten people, the village case reported of hiravats near Parsola

By: Pankaj

Updated: 18 Oct 2020, 02:08 AM IST

Parsola About 23 years ago, in the case of death of a person, the person who was charged with murder, is now sentenced by the Khap Panchayat. The accused, who is believed to be accused, has been ordered to walk on the coals. The victim complained to the administration. Police have arrested ten people.

The case is related to the village of Hiravats of village panchayat Gopalpura near Parsola in Pratapgarh district. Where the chaupal of the punches started. The Panchas sentenced Ganga’s son Kalia Meena to walk on the coals. Ganga Meena was charged with murder in 1923, 23 years ago. During that time a person named Khatiya son Ukkaria Meena of the village was killed. The family members of the deceased had accused four people of the village of murder. During that time no person was found guilty during the interrogation. After 23 years, the family of the deceased, who had been accused, again sought compensation from one of them, Ganga Meena. On which the Panchayat sitting on Sunday gave the decision to run Ganga Meena on coals.
Parsola police station, taking action in the case, has arrested and banned ten people. In the case, Akhaykheda resident Tejaram Meena, Kesia Meena, Bheria Meena, Dhulia Meena, Meghji Meena, Unkar Meena, Panchia Meena, Punjia Meena, Mohanlal Meena, Babaria Meena resident of Hiravats were arrested.

Action order

The victim Ganga Meena presented an application to Khartarsinh, a sub-divisional officer, informing the decision of the panchayat. The subdivision officer directed Parsola Thanadikari for action. Police investigation revealed that Ganga Meena was being tried on behalf of the deceased’s family in connection with the old case. There is also a land dispute between the two sides.

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