WELCOME: Dr. Goyal welcomed at the airport


Reception by Rajgarh-Sadulpur Citizen Council at the airport on arrival of Dr. Sudip Goyal, who has been treating patients of Kovid-19 continuously for more than six months in Bengaluru

face. Dr. Sudeep Goyal, who has been continuously treating Kovid-19 patients in Bangalore for more than six months, was welcomed by the Rajgarh-Sadulpur Citizens’ Council at the airport on Saturday. The council said that Dr. Sudeep Goyal, son of Mahendra Dohkawala, a senior member of the institution, has been continuously treating hundreds of Corona patients at Narayana Hospital in Bengaluru for more than six months. Dr. Goyal is Chest Super Specialist there. On arrival at Surat, he was greeted by wreath on behalf of Rajgarh-Sadulpur Citizens’ Council at Surat Airport on Saturday evening. Apart from the office bearers and many members of the council, Dr. Sudeep Goyal’s family were also present.

Single Online Lifestyle Exhibition

face. A single online lifestyle exhibition by Vanbandhu Parishad, National Women’s Committee will be organized from October 19. Committee chairman Vijaya Kokra said that through a five-day exhibition held till 23 October, there is an effort to provide a platform to entrepreneurs at the national level to increase business during the Corona disaster. Jewelery, clothes, home decor etc. will be available in more than 200 stalls in the exhibition. The exhibition will be conducted on the singles website. The committee’s minister Ashita Nanglia said that the funds received from the exhibition will be used for the education of forest dwellers and rural children studying in single schools.


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