Village feet: To quench thirst, this queen dug a 16-acre pond


Pidariya, Bhodha village is located 85 km from the district headquarters. There was a secondary school in Pidariya village. Due to negligence of teachers, primary school was changed

Reva. Pidariya, Bhodha village is located 85 km from the district headquarters. There was a secondary school in Pidariya village. Due to the negligence of teachers, the primary school was changed. According to Mahadev Dubey, 70 years old of Bhodha village, his ancestors told that there is a 16-acre Rani pond in the village. The queen of Bichharhata embarked on a field trip 200 years ago. Dola reached Bhodha village in Pidariya. The queen felt thirsty. It took hours to get water from another village. At that time, the queen ordered to dig the pond. Then the lock was dug in this village. Which is named Rani Talab.

Goddess idols were being raised
Ramashankar Patel, an 80-year-old elder of the village, says that in the year 1980, some residents of the neighboring village of Majan were taking Phoolmati Devi from the temple. As soon as they reached near the Kodhiya river outside the village, Mritya could not cross the river. Later the villagers bring Mriti back home. Pidariya Panchayat of Hanumna Tehsil is a panchayat consisting of four different villages. The panchayat has a population of 3200. The voters are 1384.

Farming villages

Hanumna is a Panchaytya consisting of Pidariya, Bhodha, Pitambra one and two, Fulia, Kondra and Bhuiya of Tehsil. The sarpanch here is Chitrasen Kol. The sarpanch explains that the village is dependent on farming. Development is being tried. Villagers tell that farming is the main employment of the village. Rajeevlochan Patel of the village says that about 80 percent of the farming in the entire panchayat is farming. The village produces paddy, wheat, sesame and other crops. The Gorma Canal originates from near the village. The village is irrigated through private pumps.

Forty percent of Gaud society in Pidariya
Bhodha village of Pidariya Panchayat has a population of 700. There are about 310 voters here. Pidariya is known as the main township of the village. Mahadev Dubey states that Bhodha has the highest number of Patels. Three houses are bra. Apart from this, two houses belong to other castes. Apart from this, 40 percent of the population in Pidariya village belongs to the Gaud community. An equal number of Yadav society lives. Apart from this, there are sporadic families of Brahmins, Saket and other castes in the village.
Village soldier
In the gram panchayat, some people work in teachers and in the army. The remaining 90 percent of the village depends on agriculture. Youth go out for employment. Returned to the village during lockdown. However, employment is not available.
Unemployment in village, drinking water crisis
Except Pidariya and Bhodha Basti, there is a problem of drinking water in the remaining two other settlements. Mahadev Dubey of the village says that unemployment is high. Farming is not a means of employment other than farmers.



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