Vijay Deverakonda’s brother Gulshan returned to Devyaya for his speech about Arjun Reddy star


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Recently, a deleted clip of actor Vijay Devarakonda from an interview went viral on the internet in which Arjun Reddy The star appears to be saying that he will be a dictator instead of an elected officer if given the chance. He also said that he believed that everyone in the country should not be allowed to vote.

Vijay’s comment caused a stir on social media. Gulshan Devaya questioned the political role of Vijay in a humorous way on his trademark. On the other hand, Vijay’s brother Anand Deverakonda on Twitter strongly criticized the actor for not being a man, saying that Gulshan should understand the context of Vijay’s remarks before making a personal comment.

Vijay Deverakonda's Brother Slams Gulshan Devaiah

Vijay Deverakonda’s Brother Slams Gulshan Devaiah

Anand Deverakonda slammed Gulshan Devyaya for his speech on his brother and wrote, “Before making personal comments on social media, the real thing should be the meaning.

Gulshan Devaya made fun of Vijay's long, unruly hair

Gulshan Devaya made fun of Vijay’s long, unruly hair

For the uninitiated, Gulshan mocked the victory on his tweet and wrote about his speech on politics, “I suggest a haircut to put some pressure on the skull.”

Controversial remarks by Vijay Deverakonda that upset netizens

Controversial remarks by Vijay Deverakonda that upset netizens

Earlier, speaking to Film Companion, Vijay had said, “I will not stand in an election where people will vote for alcohol and money … I would love to [a] Dictator I think you can make a difference[s]. Like ‘Just shut up, my intentions are good[s], Maybe you don’t know what’s best for you but she’s going to leave in five or ten years. ‘I think dictatorship somewhere is the right way to go, but you have to have a good man. “

Due to Vijay’s political role, many discussed his views on social media saying that his opinion was baseless. However, the actor laughed off the criticism and shared a video calling himself a ‘philanthropist, funny dictator’.

Speaking of work, Vijay Deverakonda is teaming up with Ananya Pandey in Puri Jagannath’s upcoming film. Fighter Pan India is produced by Karan Johar and Apoorva Mehta of Dharma Productions. Victory is currently on holiday in Europe.

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