video … Four miscreants came from loot, one shot


Tapnagar Police Station Area

Bhuvanesh Pandya
Udaipur. On Sunday evening, miscreants who came from loot intention beat up the salesmen at the liquor shop located at Udaisagar intersection in Pratapnagar police station pratap nagar thana area. During this time a miscreant did fire shooting in udaipur, which came out touching the feet of the salesmen. The injured sailmen were taken to the hospital for treatment.
Shop owner Shambhulal Tank resident Udayasagar Chouraha reported in the police station that after about 6.30 pm, four youths who came on two bikes started assaulting 50-year-old Rodilal, the salesman. Seeing this, the other people present on the spot moved here and there. Three youths tried to enter the shop and take bottles of liquor, but Rodilal and others tried to stop them. At this, another young man standing outside took out a pistol and opened fire. It fell on Rody Lal’s leg. This caused panic on the spot. On hearing the sound of bullet bullet of gun, villagers reached the spot, till then all the four crooks ran away with their bikes. The injured Rodilal was rushed to the hospital. At the same time, police has started searching for the accused on the basis of the captive in the CCTV footage.



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