Vaccine storage capacity of one million people, population over 34 lakhs


No less challenges even after vaccine arrival

Bhuvanesh Pandya

Udaipur. The Central Government has indicated that the vaccine Vaccine of Corona covid 19 is coming soon. If the vaccine is prepared on time and is delivered to Udaipur in time, then the biggest challenge before the department will be to store it. Before delivering the vaccine to Udaipur, a complete basis has to be prepared so that there is no problem of any kind. The special thing is that at present, storage is available in Udaipur to keep the vaccine of one million people, but the population of the district is more than 34 lakhs.

This is how the vaccine is reaching now

Presently a Siram India sends vaccine corona Vaccine for children. It reaches Delhi via Chandigarh from various manufacturing units of Himachal Pradesh followed by Jaipur. From there it is transported to the cold chain point of various districts. At present there are 113 points in Udaipur, while the number of them will also have to be increased. The children’s vaccine that is currently arriving either from manufacturing units reaches Udaipur Airport or is sent by road from Jaipur State to the insulated and refrigerated vein. First it comes at the divisional store, from where it is supplied in different districts. It is then transported from the cold chain point to the vaccine session site.

These are big challenges
After the vaccine, there will be many big challenges from the government to the medical department and the district administration. Just like the currently available vaccine is for children up to 16 years of age and mostly 0 to 1 year old, whereas now the Kovid-19 vaccine will be for people of all ages. In this, the priority must be decided before whom it is put.

– Manpower needs to be increased before the vaccine comes. Also, its safety will also have to be monitored.
– Training sessions will have to be conducted on ways to use the vaccine.

– The condition of storage and storage of vaccine has to be improved.
– Sessions have to be prepared according to the number of people. It will also have to be decided whether it will be applied in sessions or regular, as the corona test is being done, its vaccination should be done.

– In the various campaigns that are currently being carried out, vaccines are put on Thursday, but one day will be decided how to apply, this will be the most important, security at the vaccine site will also have to be improved.
– People have to convince them that there is no unnecessary stampede. Law and order should be kept strong.

Work as directed by the government
Working according to the instructions of the government, we will prepare the vaccine as soon as the guidance comes. Every step will be taken according to the district administration.

Dr. Dinesh Kharadi, CMHO, Udaipur



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