US Election 2020: Kamala Harris targets President Trump, this big thing about Supreme Court issue


  • US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he had the right to nominate a judge for the Supreme Court
  • The American public will elect its president on November 3

new Delhi. With the presidential election in the US, this issue regarding the appointment of a judge in the Supreme Court is in the news these days. In this order, Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris is facing a fast pace with President Trump. There is a new war between the two.

Actually, now this case is about filling the vacant Supreme Court seat before this election, which President Trump has selected the name of Amy Connie Barrett to fill the seat as soon as possible but Kamala Harris protested That they want to make the public feel that their vote is of no importance.

But voters, on the other hand, say that the best candidate for the post is Biden, who is far more capable. Last week, Supreme Court judge Ruth Ginsberg died. On this post, Trump nominated Amy Connie Barrett as the judge, for which strong opposition was raised by the opposition.

Targeting Trump, Harris said, “We will no longer allow the spread of such viruses in our country that President Trump has always tried to spread. His strategy has brought our politics to a disadvantage and made Americans stand against each other. Have given. Now they are trying to spread this virus in the Supreme Court of the country.

Let me tell you that Kamala Harris, a Vice Presidential candidate from the Democrats, is also a member of the Senate Judicial Committee, as a role of which she will play a direct role in the investigation of the nominees for the post of Judge.



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