Uproar after employee’s death in Pandesara mill, post mortem denied


– Confirmation of death from suffocation in post mortem, police engaged in convincing the family


An employee died in a suspicious condition by falling into the drainage line at the Pandesara Ambaji Dyeing Mill on Sunday night. The family refused to get the body postmortem demanding compensation from the mill. Police conducted post mortem at New Civil Hospital. In which death has been confirmed due to suffocation.

According to the police, Shreejeevan Jayadev Jha (75) resident of Pandesara Bhestan Jamna Nagar used to work in Pandesara Ambaji Dyeing Mill. On Sunday night, Srijivan lost his balance and descended into the gutter line while descending the stairs within miles. After some time the locals got noticed and there was chaos in the mill. The supervisor came to the spot and informed the family about the incident. When the family reached the mill, someone told them that someone wanted to suppress the matter and was in the boiler to make the body disappear, but after an uproar by the local workers, the supervisor left. Family members are demanding compensation from the mill. He also refused to get a post-mortem until compensation was received. He says that the incident happened between 9 to 10 pm. While the family was informed late at night. The Pandesara police conducted a post-mortem of the dead body at New Civil Hospital on Monday afternoon. The police wrote to doctors and their family members do not want to come. After this, the post mortem was done by the doctors.

Doctors have feared the death of Srijeevan from suffocation. Being old and weak, he did not get up after falling. There were bruises on the shoulders and face. Police said that Shrijeevan was a resident of Bihar and has three daughters. ACP of City Police F Division J. K. Pandya told that due to aging, Shree Jeevan fell and died. He has denied the fact of putting the dead body in a boiler.



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