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UEFA President Alexander Seferin says the Euro 2020 final, which has been postponed until 2020, could be played by fans in stadiums in Europe next June, but acknowledged that coronavirus epidemics are leading to a number of conditions. Asked about fans at the 12-host stadium despite the growing number of Covid-1 positive test cases across Europe, Ceferin told German broadcaster ARD: “For the moment, we are planning the euro as we want it.”

“Of course I would have told you in February that the euro would be back to normal this summer with a full stadium, but in a month everything changed.

“If you had asked me in February if I was ready for a pandemic that would stop the world, I would have said I was crazy.

“But now we’re better prepared. Now that we know anything can happen, we’re smarter and stronger than last year.”

However, as a precaution, the head of the Slovenian UEFA said that the governing body of European football was “ready” to use different conditions for the final round, which was postponed until 11 June-July 112121.

Emphasizing that the 12 hosts of the tournament could drop out of place, he said, “We are not thinking about it at the moment, but we can do different things.

“We’re thinking about how to do it without fans, without fans, or 30, 50 or 70 percent (with capacity in the stadium),” he added.

“But theoretically, we could keep the euro in twelve countries, in eleven, in ten, in three countries, or in one country.”

Ceferin admits that the idea of ​​a European championship is spreading across stadiums across the continent, “it’s a symbolically good thing, but it’s not an easy task for you (epidemic) without thinking of everything.”


The idea of ​​reaching the finals in Europe was mooted by his notorious predecessors, Michel Platini and Seferin.

However, the 53-year-old insisted that “this is a big challenge, but I’m sure the Euro will be played next year”.

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