Two trucks junked in Budhar – Police in action mode after audio of ADG went viral | Two trucks junked in Budhar – Police in action mode after audio of ADG went viral


Digital Desk Shahdol. After the audio of the conversation between the ADG and the junk businessman went viral, the police of the district has come into action mode. The old police have caught two trucks of junk on Tuesday. According to the information, vehicles have been caught from the junk near the Budhar Rest House, which was being prepared to transport. It is learned that junk and iron are being legitimized by the concerned. Police say that if the junk is valid then bring the documents and show them at the police station.
It is worth mentioning that two days ago, a junk from Jabalpur, Shamim, had accused ADG of trading in viral audio in connection with the business. The matter has reached the capital. It is being said that the junk of the district whose name has come up in the audio belongs to him. At present, the police have refused to reveal anything. If sources are to be believed, illegal business of junk has been in operation in Budhar for a long time. The police was not taking action. Additional Superintendent of Police Mukesh Vaish told that junk has been caught in the vehicle. It is being investigated whose junk is and where it was being taken.
Action instructions given in crime meeting
The Superintendent of Police in the crime meeting on Tuesday gave instructions to all police station in-charge to curb illegal business. Only after this did the old police take the above action. SP Satyendra Shukla clearly said that illegal business like betting, gambling, liquor, junk should not run under any condition. Also, in view of the elections to be held in the neighboring district, he directed to keep a strict vigil on the border and also to take action on old crimes.


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