Two days later, market opened, soybean bumper arrived


Mandsaur. After two days of Saturday and Sunday, the agricultural produce market opened on Monday. On Monday, a bumper of soybean and garlic arrived in the market. The maximum price of soyabean in the mandi was Rs 4000. Apart from this, farmers in the mandi also came in large quantities with garlic crop. The condition was that long queues of vehicles filled with produce started outside the market.

It is worth mentioning that Mandsaur Mandi is one of the major mandis of the state and here comes a large quantity of soybean and garlic crops called yellow gold. However, this time due to corona, the functioning of the agricultural produce market has not been running smoothly. Now the market is organized. Now farmers and traders hope that good work will be done by Diwali. The economy of Mandsaur district rests mainly on agricultural produce market.

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