TV is getting tough competition from web: Hiten Tejwani | TV is getting tough competition from web: Hiten Tejwani


Mumbai, October 13 (IANS) Hiten Tejwani says that content is king. At the same time he further said that if you have a good project, it can shine beyond the medium.

Hiten told IANS, if your content is good, your project will shine regardless of the medium. Good work will always be spoken. Today, TV is facing stiff competition from the web and movies. One has to experiment as it develops to survive. There is no doubt that TV has evolved. Today if a TV show revolves around Banaras, the entire unit will go to Benares and shoot. Earlier TV was limited to studio sets only. There is a healthy competition between the mediums and we are trying our best to serve the best content to all audiences.

Apart from the development of TV, Hiten feels that he has personally developed in these years.

He said, the more you work, the more you develop and I feel that I have also developed as an artist. It has been 18 years since I started my journey in showbiz. All my projects have taught me something. There was a time when people were coming to me with the same kind of roles, but as an actor, I have always tried to be versatile and challenge myself. I am trying to explore different genres.

Hiten was recently seen in a short film Untold.



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