Trump’s advisor confirms 2,500 troops remain in Afghanistan in 2021 | Trump’s advisor confirms 2,500 troops remain in Afghanistan in 2021


Washington, October 17 (IANS). US President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien has again confirmed that by early 2021 the number of US troops in Afghanistan will be reduced and reduced to 2,500.

O’Brien’s re-announcement came in an attempt to clarify after conflicting messages that Trump’s tweets about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and then Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark, according to news agency Xinhua Miley’s comments were born out of a hint.

In an interview to NPR on Sunday last week, O’Brien revealed the plan of 2,500 soldiers, which Miley rejected.

Miley said, “I think Robert O’Brien or anyone can make such a speculation but I’m not going to get into speculation.” I am rigorously analyzing the situation on the basis of circumstances and plans and it is based on my interactions with myself and the President.

O’Brien said, some people have called it speculation but I can guarantee you that this is the plan of the President of the United States. This is their order, not speculation.

On Trump’s tweet about the soldiers’ homecoming over Christmas, O’Brien said that was his wish expressed by the president.

Just hours after O’Brien’s announcement of placing 2,500 troops in the war-torn country of Afghanistan in early 2021, Trump tweeted that we should have a very small number of our brave men and women serving in Afghanistan by Christmas.

Let us know that about 2,400 American soldiers have died in the war of Afghanistan, which is the longest in the history of America.

Trump has spoken of bringing back all the troops from Afghanistan.

If the Taliban fulfills the terms of the agreement, then the US-Taliban agreement also calls for the full withdrawal of all US military forces from Afghanistan by May 2021. At the same time, General McKenzie said last month that the Taliban have not yet said that they are about to end their relations with al-Qaeda.

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