Trouble- Residents are living a hellish life due to dirt and smell


Trouble- Residents are living a hellish life due to dirt and smell

Twine. The residents of Tehsil and Panchayat Headquarters in Ward 3 are disturbed by the negligence of the farmers of the vegetable market in the rented plot. Disposing of bad vegetables on time by the adversaries and not throwing them in the street of the locality in the proper place has made it difficult for the stray animals to live after the stench and filth that arises.

The stench and filth caused by stray animals hitting the mouth of the livestock by throwing them in the street outside the premises by the vegetable marketers did not dispose of the bad vegetables on time. The bus station has to face trouble in traveling with the wheels.

Due to the stench that rises in nearby houses, people are not able to open the windows, there is a fear of accidents from stray and dirt and accidents from stray animals on exit. Traffic from bus stations on the bus stand causes trouble, along with water supply and veterinary hospital building garbage vessels are closed.

There is a mobilization of socialists in the above buildings. Due to lack of strictness of the police in the town, there is always a fear of accidents due to the standing of vehicles parked on the bus stand, traffic, Ghad and Saroli road. The tehsil, panchayat and police administration should address the problems of the town and resolve them so that people get relief.



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