Traveling full of risk, yet tolls are being collected, MLA wrote letter to CM


Traveling full of risk, yet tolls are being collected, MLA wrote letter to CM

Todaraisingh. The vilayati babool (juliflora) is gripped with widening (solder) breakdown of the Dudu-Chhan via Todaraisingh-Malpura 37A state highway built two years ago under RSRDC. At the same time, amidst the neglect of the PWD and the sensor, many roads are taking place in Sanganer-Bhilwara via Kekri Malpura State Highway road, broken down in broken roads and solder solvents. Here, Malpura MLA Kanhaiyalal Chaudhary wrote a letter to the Chief Minister, complaining of neglect of the department and the sender, warning to close the toll if the repair work is not far away.

It is worth mentioning that under RSRDC two and a half years ago, about 105 km to join Jaipur-Bhilwara via Tonk and Jaipur-Ajmer via Kishangarh Charlein at a cost of about Rs 1.25 billion. The long Dudu-Chhan via Todaraisingh-Malpura 37 A State Highway was constructed. A two-and-a-half meter gravel widening (soldering) was done on both sides of the road, constructed in 7 and a half meter width.

In the said border, besides security wall, culvert wall construction, sign boards have been installed. The situation is that saplings had to be planted to develop greenery on the roadside. Two years have passed and toll has been charged on the said route for the last year and a half, but in the midst of unseen, the rains have washed away the soldering roads. Julie Flora (Wilayati Bambool) has spread her feet before planting the same plant. The accident due to the absence of vehicles coming from the front on the curb between the cuttings made the accident.

Dozens of premature death victims

Toll is being collected on Sanganer-Bhilwara via Malpura Kekri State Highway (SH-12) constructed under the Public Works Department. Whereas on the said state highway, pits are one to one and a half meters long and deep. Sanganer-Bhilwara road located in Malpura assembly constituency has been grabbed by the villagers. In Acacia, the vehicle facing the road is not visible while passing on the link road of the said route, causing the driver to crash. In the last one year, dozens of drivers have been victims of premature death.

Toll collection will be closed if not maintenance
MLA Kanhaiyalal Chaudhary said the sensor is not paying attention despite the contract guarantee period between PWD and RSRDC being ignored on Sanganer-Bhilwara via Malpura and Dudu Chhan via Toda-Malpura 37A State Highway. They allege that in the last six months, no action was taken despite repeated demands to get the former Deputy Chief Minister and higher officials to repair the damaged site and soldro of the said road and remove the villains.

He called for starting the maintenance work of both the state highways, the removal of the villagers and repairing the remaining routes including Diggi-Malpura via Peenani route. If the demand is not met, both have warned to stop the toll collection on the routes.



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