Trains do not Late in this country of the world for more than 30 seconds | Wonderful: Trains do not lie in this country of the world for more than 30 seconds, know some special things related to this country.


Digital desk. The country of the rising sun, Japan is famous worldwide due to its food, culture and technology. Today we will tell you about some interesting facts related to this country. Japan is an ancient country. The customs and traditions of this place are also very unique. Just as people in our country greet with folded hands, so is the custom of bowing down in honor of any person in Japan. The most important thing is that the more one is respected, the more inclined he is to it. At the same time, no matter how big or dignified the person is, he will also bow in the greeting of the person in front. There is a difference in the degree of just tilt between them.

The people of Japan are very conscious about cleanliness. In school, both the students and the teachers work together to clean the classrooms. People here have longevity. The average age of people of Japan is 82 years, which is higher than the average of all countries. The people of Japan are punctual. People here are known all over the world for doing any work on time. Not only this, trains running in Japan also do not lie more than 30 seconds.

In Japan, speaking loudly or smelling something in public places is considered rude. Not only this, two people holding hands together and walking together is also not considered good. In Japan, people go to the temple for the first time in the New Year’s joy and play bells 108 times. There is also a law in Japan, under which children do not have to take any kind of examination till the age of 10 years. In these 10 years, they are given the opportunity to enjoy childhood life.


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