Training given to the running party in relation to the postal ballot withdrawal process and instructions


Anuppur According to the instructions of the Election Commission, voting facility has also been arranged through postal ballot for the disabled voters above 80 years of age and disabled. Polling center-wise parties were formed and the identified voters were contacted for consent / disagreement regarding the postal ballot facility and applications in Form-12D have been received from the voters of the interested category.

According to the information received from the Election Branch, a total of 1369 identified voters have submitted applications for the assembly 87 Anuppur. As soon as the voters have received the postal ballot, the voting party will go door-to-door through the ballot facility. The said instructions are to be completed before one day before polling day. For this, a total of 60 mobile voting parties have been formed.

On Saturday, polling parties and sector officials were given training in the instructions and provisions of the Election Commission related to the return of postal ballots at the Government Polytechnic College. During this time, information about all related forms was given by the master trainers. Also, all polling parties were instructed to ensure complete confidentiality during the postal ballot voting. This entire process will also be videographed, ensuring confidentiality of voting.

The polling party will consist of a presiding level officer, a polling officer, a videographer and a security personnel. One driver will be available for voting. The BLO of the polling booth of the voter will be present for assistance, but in no case will he enter the polling house.

Information to the identified voters (electors) about the date and approximate time of the running of the polling party in advance, by the Returning Officer in their application Form 12D via SMS on the mobile phone (if available) or via BLO Will be given Candidates will also be informed about the tour schedule for issuing and collecting postal ballots for this category. If they wish, they can appoint their authorized representatives (including BLs) to keep an eye on the process carried out by the running party.

If the voter (elector) is found absent during the first visit, then the written information about the date and time of his second visit by the polling party should be pasted at the voter’s house. If the voter (elector) is absent even during the second visit, then no further visits will be held in such cases. The postal ballot related to the voter (election) will be returned to the returning officer.

Note that if the facility of postal ballot is selected by the voters of the identified category and the application form – 12 postal ballot is accepted, then such voters are allowed to cast their votes at the polling station on the day of polling day 03 November Will not happen. Such voters will be able to vote only through postal ballot.

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