Tottenham Hotspur’s mental strength questions after Jose Mourinho’s West Ham collapse Football News


West Ham came down 3-0 in the final eight minutes after collapsing late on Sunday, and Jose Mourinho questioned Tottenham’s mental strength with a 3-3 draw on Sunday. Manuel Lanzini’s thrilling thrilling minute header from the top corner of the F फccian Balbuna header and Davinson Sanchez’s own goal revived David Moyes’ men. No side in Premier League history fell below No-0 in the 1st minute. “It was a game in our pockets and we lost two points,” Mourinho said. “My people weren’t strong enough to deal with it psychologically in the last few seconds.”

The free-scoring combination of Harry Kane and Son Heng-min gave Mourinho a chance to win and be in second place, giving the Spurs a 3-0 lead in 16 minutes.

“These feelings will never happen again because we have to remember them forever,” Sonam said.

“It’s very unfortunate that when we played so well as a team, we lost a very big two points when a team controlled the match. We feel like we lost.”

Wayne Ham’s defensive length behind Kane’s defense put the opener inside the opener and knocked out Son and South Korean to get into the far corner.

The role was reversed for Kane’s first goal as the England captain created an excellent skill with a nutmeg on his marker.

Sergio Reguillon, along with Gareth Bale, stepped up from Real Madrid to Tottenham last month, and his strong left-back run was reminiscent of Bale’s early days at the Spurs before Welshman pulled the field forward.

The Spaniard formed Kane’s second set with a pinpoint cross to get the striker home on a distant post.

West Ham boss David Moyes said: “Kane was incomparable today. “He was very good. When you see him get closer, he’s really the top player.”

The only penalty saved by Lukas Fabianski prevented the Sons from making a double registration in Spurs ’blistering opening quarter.

Mourinho praised Tottenham president Daniel Levy for his “supernatural intelligence” for the deals he made in the transfer market, giving his manager room to be able to challenge the trophy.

The bundle is a new addition to the box office and its second Spurs debut as an alternative to the second half.

The first touch showed a lack of confidence with a free-kick but the ball went straight into Fabianski’s perception.

Kane came on a shot from outside the box that reached within inches as he sealed his hat-trick, but Tottenham’s defensive shortcomings led to a comfortable disappointment in the afternoon.

The header from Balbuna’s Aaron Criswell’s free-kick began to collapse before Sanchez turned the dangerous ball over the box into his own net.

Bell may have sealed three points and a dreamy debut, but only defeated Fabianski as he entered the game stopping time.

And when Monsino’s men get in trouble, when Cresswell’s free-kick just clears the edge of the box and Lanzini wins Hugo Lloris’ last.


Returning to the touchline after losing two matches due to the coronavirus, Mois added, “Tonight was a moment of real pride to be the manager of the team.” “They never gave up, they kept going, that’s a big result.”

A Tottenham table-topper with five points returned to eighth place with West Ham in sixth place.

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