Three arrested for stealing power pumps and wires


Police action

Umaria. The Amarpur police have arrested the three accused for the theft. Reports were lodged by Faridi Puran Lal Jaiswal, 30-year-old resident Chhoti Beldi at Chowki Amarpur, that he used to irrigate through an electric pump with a connection to the power wire for irrigation. Unknown persons from the farm stole an electric pump and sixteen hundred meters of electric wire for about 16000 rupees. In the case, the police registered a case against unknown accused and got involved in their detection. Under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Vikash Kumar Shahwal, the station in-charge, Indwar sub-inspector, Sundresh Singh, was questioned continuously by his Hamarah chief of staff, constable Avadh Pandey, Sohan Singh, constable Bhawan Uike, constable Abhay, constable Pawan. In which accused Kamata Cole father Munna Cole 30 years, Simmu Cole father Ambi Cole 28 years, Rajaram Cole father Dwarka Cole 30 years all the resident village Kudi Chowki Amarpur police station Indwar on police custody, the accused admitted to stealing.
Four bundled power wires and a water pump worth Rs 16000 were seized from the possession of the accused and the accused were arrested and sent to the court Umaria judicial remand. At the same time, one of the accused in the case is being absconding.

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