Thousands of children forced to live as ‘orphans’ in China, parents imprisoned in detention camps


Beijing Children of thousands of Uyghur Muslim families in China are living as orphans. His parents have been placed in detention camps by the Chinese government. China has been defending these camps from the beginning by naming them as vocational training centers. Government documents in Xinjiang have now revealed that thousands of Muslim children have been separated from their parents.

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Parents are imprisoned by the Chinese government

In 2018, more than 9500 children in Yarkand County are being forced to live an orphan’s life, claims Adrian Genz, a research organization studying China’s government documents in southern Xinjiang. The parents of some have been imprisoned by the Chinese government. At the same time, there are many whose parents or one of their fathers have been imprisoned.

Poll open from government file

The information of these government files has been downloaded online. In this document, information has been collected for children whose parents are either housed in a detention camp. Only children from the Uygar Muslim community are included in this list. Not one of them is a child of the Han community of China.

An attempt is being made to control children’s minds right now. According to researcher Genj, China’s strategy to subdue minorities in Xinjiang has been very aggressive. They are trying to build a system of long-term social control from it. Efforts are being made to separate them from religion and take them under control.

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China is keeping an eye on children

These children are placed in state orphanages or high-security boarding schools. Children are being closely monitored in these centers. Every child is given attention in every classroom. These children are learning to speak in Mandarin rather than in the original Uygar language. Genz, in his research, found that by 2019 the number of students living in boarding facility was up to 880,500. They also had children whose parents separated for some other reason.

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