Thirty km National Highway in ‘Bhanwar’ of two police stations


Thirty km National Highway in ‘Bhanwar’ of two police stations

Twine . Years ago, people of many villages, including the national highway, are facing the brunt of demarcation caused by the wrong delimitation of the Dooni and Ghad police stations by the government. On the one hand, in the event of an accident on the Ghad police station area on National Highway 52, the victim and the complainant have to go to the Ghad police station, about six kilometers away for police action. There is no immediate means to reach there.

On the other hand, the distance from the highway to the police station is only one kilometer and it is tied in the border area. In case of accidental injuries and death, immediate medical facility is done at the post-mortem duni, then police action, including a case registered, takes place at the Ghad police station, about fifteen kilometers away.

To prevent illegal activities, the Ghad police come and supervise about a kilometer away. It is worth noting that 30 km area from Bharani to Polyada of Jaipur-Kota National Highway is divided between Dooni and Ghad police station. It is a matter of surprise that the villages and national highways near the Dooney Police Station are under the Ghad Police Station area, and the Ghad Police have to go through the Dooney Police Station area to go to their area.

Even after the arrival of politicians, the police of both the police stations are forced to give duty in their respective areas. In such a situation, if the Ghad police station area adjoining the highway is added to the nearby Dooni police station area, then this step will prove to be extremely beneficial for the general public and the administration. It is noteworthy that in this regard former minister Late. On his demand from Bhikhabhai, he assured to limit the police station areas, but the liquidation work could not be done due to his death.


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