The world’s most unique fish, which has a tooth of 1 kg, is also worth crores


In the world’s most unique species, a sperm whale has a tooth of more than 1 kg and a small piece of this tooth is sold in millions.

new Delhi. 2 tusks coming out of the elephant’s mouth are considered valuable. People hunt elephants for these teeth. Similar people also hunt them for sperm whale teeth. However, it has been hunted for money as well as to marry its favorite girl.

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Whale’s tooth is a symbol of love

In fact, the girl’s father in the islands of Fiji may ask for a whale’s tooth from his future son-in-law. In Fiji, it has been practiced for centuries, which is known as Tabua custom in Fiji. In Fiji, following the Tabua tradition has been called the greatest expression of love. It is believed that this tooth has super-natural strength and marriage is always maintained by keeping it.

The tradition has been going on since the 18th century

According to The Independent, this practice has been going on in Fiji since the 18th century. Apart from the marriage here, if a clan wanted to kill the head of another clan earlier, he would have to give the killer’s whale teeth, not money. According to the report, sperm whales are the largest fish in the category of fish. They have 20 to 26 paired teeth and each tooth is 10 to 20 cm in length. The most unique thing is that the reason for each tooth is more than one kilo.

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A small part is also sold in millions

According to experts, sperm whale is now rare but its demand has already intensified. Its teeth are priceless. According to the information received, even a small part of a tooth is sold in millions. Let me tell you that there are only about 3 lakh sperm whales left in the world, but the way it is being smuggled, it may end soon.

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