The upliftment of every section of society is our aim, service is our religion: Nitish | The upliftment of every section of society is our aim, service is our religion: Nitish


Patna, October 12 (IANS). Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday, while addressing the people virtually from Patna, mentioned the work done in his government, while fiercely targeting the opponents.

He said that we do not tolerate crime, corruption and communalism in the state. The elevation of every section of society is our purpose and service is our religion.

Nitish joined and addressed the people virtually on Monday with 11 assembly members. He admitted that there were no big industries in Bihar. He said that even today Bihar’s growth rate is in double figures. People’s lifestyle has changed. Poverty has decreased, per capita income has increased.

Taking a dig at the opposition parties, he said, people talk in different ways. People ask why there is no big business in Bihar. So let us say that we have tried a lot. Bihar is surrounded on all sides. Today you see where big industries are and why. People don’t know what the reason is, they just keep on speaking.

He took aim at RJD without taking any name and said, some people only run the tongue. Those people are not interested in working. There is no experience of doing any work.

He said, we consider the whole of Bihar as our family, but for some people, husband and wife, son and daughter are the only family. Bihar is a family for us. Some people are following personal familism. Trying to divide the society.

Nitish also pointed out that Tejashwi gave a befitting reference to the employment of 10 lakh people in the first cabinet meeting in the gesture itself and said that many people are talking about employment of youth nowadays. How many people were employed in 15 years in power? Did the cabinet meet during the 15-year rule? At that time there was no cabinet meeting. People used to wait.

Nitish Kumar also referred to the work done during the Corona period, Barh. He urged people to take their decision on the basis of work. The public is the owner.

He said, if we like the work of the people, then give them a chance to form the government. We hope you will vote based on our work.



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