/The tigress was surrounded by tourists on seeing Solo, the tigress was famous in the tourists

The tigress was surrounded by tourists on seeing Solo, the tigress was famous in the tourists


Question on safety: There was movement of tigress in the village with cubs, there was resentment among villagers, five cubs died in five months

Umaria. The continuous tiger deaths in Bandhavgarh National Park has opened up the management’s quarrel with safety. The management is yet to ascertain the cause of the death of the tigress and cub on Saturday. Tourists and wildlife lovers are also saddened after the death of the famous tigress and cub. This tigress was known as Solo. The tigress who died was known as T42. This is the same tigress that the park management surrounded the gypsies from all around to show the tourists. After the death of the tigress, two cubs are still out of the eyes of the park management. Regarding a cub, park management is saying that the sighting has been done by the squat team. No fighting marks have been found around tigers and cubs. Many questions are being raised about the death of both of them.
There was movement in Mahaman village, there is a possibility of hunting
The movement of the tigress has been around the village of Mahaman for many days. Despite this, park management continued to ignore the voice of the villagers. No fighting marks have been found. This can also lead to the possibility of hunting in the case. The whole village was in a panic due to the presence of tigress T42 and its cubs in the vicinity of the village near the park. The park management kept pressing the voice of the villagers and their presence remained around the village. They were also angry at killing nearby animals.
Management plea: Tigress bruises
It is being said by the park management that the tigress was injured for several days. The question arises as to why the treatment was not attempted. The park management has argued that a team of eight elephants was engaged to find the tigress. When a team of eight elephants was looking after a tigress. Despite the surveillance, the death and disappearance of the cubs has raised many questions. The park management has also not released photos of tigers and cubs. Due to this, many questions are being raised on management.
Five cubs died in five months
The body of two tiger cubs was found a week ago outside the cave atop the Gohdi Umarha hill south of Bandhavgarh National Park. On 9 October, both tiger cubs were seen near a cave in the south Gohdi Beet of Tala enclosure during an elephant patrol. The cause of death has not been confirmed yet. Earlier in June, two cubs were killed in Bandhavgarh Park. Those aged 15–20 days. Both tiger cubs were quite small. The management had spoken of killing it by a tiger to establish a territory. The management had argued over the deaths of both tiger cubs that both cubs had been killed by the tiger.
Five cubs were given in January, two died
According to the information, the tigress gave birth to five cubs. A cub had already died in it. The tigress with four cubs was seen on 12 October. After this, Mahaman went with the cubs towards the village. The remaining locations are yet to be found after the death of a cub.
Tiger attacked two shepherds
A tiger attacked two villagers who were grazing cattle in Dulhara. According to the information, the tiger has attacked Shiv Prasad’s father Lalli Sahu, age 42 and Ram Lavan. Both shepherds were reported to be grazing cattle. On shouting, the tigers fled after the nearby villagers arrived. The injured were brought to the hospital. Where they are being treated.

The body of a tigress and cub was reported to be found. The last rites have been performed. Dog Squad also reached the spot. The cause of death is being ascertained.
Vicente Rahim, Field Director

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