The temple of ‘Patlavati Devi’ has been the center of faith for thousands of years, know its specialty


Kasganj The temple of Mata Parvati Devi situated in Tehsil Patiali of Kasganj district has been the center of religious beliefs for thousands of years. The beliefs here are from the mythological period of Hinduism. Many religious scriptures also describe Goddess Patalavati Devi.

Thousands of years ago, in Dwaparyug, Patiali was a major administrative center of Panchal region. But even before that, according to Durgashtottarashatnamastro in the western part of Patiali, the temple of Anusrati Mata Patlavati Devi was established in the 41st section.

Mata Patlavati Devi is believed to have been the total goddess of Rajadrupada of Akhand Panchal Pradesh in Dwaparyug and Guru Dronacharya also practiced in this Mata Patlavati Devi temple in Patiali. According to the information given by engineer Amit Tiwari, the temple of Mata Patlavati Devi is established in only one Patiali all over the world.

According to Durgashtottarashatnamastro, Mother Goddess Durga is the form of Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. Goddess Durga is known as the ultimate power of the universe in Sanatana Dharma.

According to Durgashtottarashatnamastrotra, in 108 forms of Mata Devi Durga, Mata Devi Patlavati’s name is Anusriti in the 41st section. Which means a goddess wearing roses or red dress or flowers.

There are also many legends about the name of the Patiali Tehsil, according to which Gaurav Tiwari, a resident here, says that his elders say that Patiali is named after Mata Patlavati Devi.

Famous poet Amir Khusro’s family has also been associated with Padmavati Devi’s temple. Amir Khusro himself may not have lived here since childhood, but his elders used to have faith in Patlavati Devi. Faith towards the temple of Parvati Devi, the mother of Amir Khusro’s family, is the prime proof of the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb here.

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