The teenager was kidnapped from Damoh and then gangraped in the hotel, left the bus stand and fled | The teenager was kidnapped from Damoh and then gang raped in the hotel, left the bus stand and fled


Digital Desk Jabalpur. The 14-year-old teenager kidnapped a 14-year-old teenager from village Hidalia in Damoh district, brought her to Jabalpur and raped her by taking her to a hotel in Vijay Nagar area. After physical exploitation, the accused left him near Deendayal Chowk and fled. The victim somehow called her temper living in the Pasiana area and then reached the police station to file a report. At first the police stopped him but then sent information to the Hidolia police station and set his foot on it.
According to sources, the 14-year-old teenager, who reached the police station with her temper, told the police that on Monday, three young men Irfan, Huchi and Amil had seduced her and brought them to Jabalpur. Here, taking him to the hotel of Vijay Nagar area, he mixed the pill of intoxication in the water and gave it a drink and in turn exploited him daily. When he protested, one of the accused asked to marry him, then the accused threatened that if anyone said anything, he would kill his brother and would do the same to his sisters.
Missing in Hidouliya
According to experts, after the teenager went missing from the house on Monday, the family kept searching for him and on Tuesday his missing person was lodged at the Hidolia police station. On reaching the Vijay Nagar police station, the police were told to go to the Hidolia police station and leave the victim with her temper. The police had said that a case was registered there and the victim would be handed over to the police when the police arrived there.


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