The story of having an alcoholic parent in Bigg Boss Tamil 4 was refuted by Balaji Murugadoss?


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When model-actor Balaji Murugadoss unveiled an emotional story of his life in a mini-screen audience and netizens, no one can deny that he can’t create a discussion.


For those who are not alone, Balaji remembers the abuse he received from his alcoholic parents and from an early age. His father used to beat him with a gas pipe while he was sleeping at night. Other contestants and netizens shed tears from his harassing story who supported the young man and started trending #BalajimurugadosArmy on social media.

Well, it seems that some netizens are not happy with the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 contestant, as a video of him surfacing on the internet showing him bathing in the swimming pool with a bottle of liquor.

Let us know that the video is just a few months old and was found when curious netizens scrolled down the actor’s social media handle. Many asked Balaji how he could blame his parents when they themselves are involved in such activities. Some expressed the view that the contestant was making a negative impression on his parents to get sympathy and votes from the audience.

It is worth noting that during the tenure of the story (a few hours before Balaji told his emotional story), he was seen telling some contestants that during the tenure one should bring tears to one’s eyes so that the story could reach the audience. . Well, with all this, we have to see if Balaji survives in the program with the emotional track that Balaji has created for himself.

Speaking of his acting in the show, he is doing a very impressive job in Bigg Boss Tamil. His chats with Rio Raj and Suresh Chakraborty and her feud with Sanam Shetty are drawing the attention of the audience.


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