The spice factory electricity vigilance was running on stolen electricity case. | The spice factory electricity vigilance was running with stolen electricity and made a case of electricity by raiding two other places


Digital Desk Jabalpur. Vigilance team of East Kshetra Vidyut Vitran Company has conducted a case of power theft in a spice factory while conducting raids in Karameta area. In this factory, oil was being made along with spices. The surprising thing is that the meter has not been installed where this factory was operating, electricity was being used by pulling the wire directly from the LT line. On the spot investigation, a load of around 10 kW was found. The Vigilance team is billing the factory operator against Dilip Lalwani by making a panchnama. In this regard, Executive Engineer of the Vigilance team PK Pandey said that information about this factory being operated in Karameta area was received from the informer, due to which investigation was done on the spot on Friday. Investigation revealed that the said house belongs to Mukesh Chaubey, in which Dilip Lalwani is a tenant. Here he works with making garam masala as well as oil. Executive Engineer Mr. Pandey said that when questioned Dilip, he told that this oil is useful for worship. Investigation revealed that power was being stolen directly from LT line without installing meter.
Operated office by pulling direct wire – DE Shri Pandey informed that power was being stolen by pulling a direct wire from LT line at an office in Shankar Nagar in Karameta itself. While taking action here, the wire was seized by making a case against Sanju Yadav, but interrupting the government work, Sanju Yadav snatched the wire from the team.
Mill shunt in mill – The mill was operated by shunting the meter in 3 HP load in a mill in village Khairi Rosra under Patan division. An episode has been made against Ramkishan Patel here.


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