The smell of Mahua of Chhattisgarh has now reached England


Raipur. The smell of Mahua of Chhattisgarh has not only reached the country and abroad. This has become possible due to the efficient policy being run in the interest of forest dwellers under the guidance of Forest Minister Mohammad Akbar as per the intention of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel in the state. As a result, in the first batch, 20 quintals of Balrampur forest in the state were sold at double the price in Mahtland’s Scotland yard.

Not only the collector but the entire forest department is excited about this new market of Mahua. Under the efficient guidance of Forest Minister Akbar and Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Rakesh Chaturvedi, preparations are being made to send a large quantity of Mahua from next year. In this regard, the forest divisional officer Balrampur Laxman Singh said that the collection of mahoo to be sent to England was done from various villages of Raghunath Nagar, Artery and Vadrafnagar Forest Range. It was dispatched from the port of Mumbai on September 24 to the Scotland Yard.

For the sale of the Mahua here in England, Berthingham Sawyer’s company approached PATE in the first phase and sent 100 kg of Mahua sample. The Mahua sent in the first phase was stored in Kesari village of Raghunath Nagar Forest Range and the said company described it as high quality Mahua as a test. Also ordered 2000 kg mahua flower.

The collection of mahue going to England is done by Ma Mahamaya self-help group Kesari under the supervision of the Forest Department. Joint Forest Officer, Balrampur Shyam Singh Dev said that this collection is done in the air by laying greennet three feet above the ground. This makes the Mahua flower free from dust, soil and weeds and is of high quality.

It is noteworthy that the minimum support price of Mahua is currently fixed at Rs 30 in the state, while the English company is buying this Mahua for double the price i.e. Rs 60.

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