The slogans of Indian slogans in the US election, ‘How should our leader be like Biden’


Washington The US Presidential Election 2020 is going to be held in the United States on November 3 and before that both the main contestants are campaigning fiercely. Perhaps this is the first time that the noise of Indian slogans is being heard all around in the Election Campaign of America.

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden seems to be far ahead and his election campaign is raising the voice of typical Indian slogans against Trump. In the election campaign of Joe Biden, Hindi slogans like ‘How should our leader be like Joe Biden’, ‘Trump remove, save America’ are being raised.

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All such efforts are being made to woo Indian community voters in US elections. Please tell that the Democratic Party has started a similar campaign in 14 languages ​​including Hindi.

An Indian-American couple based in Silicon Valley has launched a digital graphics campaign in Hindi to request support from Joe Biden and the vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

Slogans are being raised in Indian languages ​​in support of Biden

Let us know that as the time of the election gets closer, the campaign is also gaining momentum. Indian voters in the US are able to change the results of many seats. In such a situation, propaganda is being done in Indian languages ​​to woo Indian voters.

Ajay and Vinita Bhutoria, a supporter of Joe Biden, on Monday released a promotional campaign in 14 languages ​​titled ‘Trump Hatao Amerika Bachao’ and ‘Biden, Harris to Jitao, America Be Ahead’. Earlier, two Bollywood videos were also released to favor people of South Asian community in favor of Biden.

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Indian slogans are being raised in the campaign. Music video ‘Chale Chalo, Biden Ko Vote Do’ is playing on TV Asia. Digital graphics is being promoted in 14 Indian languages. Let us tell you that in addition to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota in the United States, the three southern states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina and Arizona have a large population of Indian community. And are able to change the election result.



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