The serious illness for which doctors from all over the world had told surgery, Anil got rid of it in this way


Mumbai. 63-year-old actor Anil Kapoor has got rid of his 10-year-old illness without surgery. Giving information to the fans on social media, Anil said that the doctors had spoken for the surgery. With the help of a physician, he has now got rid of this serious problem.

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Rope Jumping

The actor has uploaded four photos in a share post on social media. In the first two photos, Anil is seen jumping rope. In the second two photos, he is seen with his doctor. In a photo, doctors are seen examining Anil’s ankle. While in the second photo, the doctor has placed a hand on Anil’s shoulder.

Surgeons all over the world have given options as surgery

Anil wrote in the caption of the post, ‘I was struggling with Akilis tendon problem for the last 10 years. Doctors from all over the world told me the only surgery to get rid of it. Doctor Muller put me in a position to walk, run and then skip from limping without surgery. ‘ Let us know that Anil is very conscious about his fitness. They keep sharing videos of their workouts on social media.

What is Symptoms of Achilles tendon

In Achilles tendon, there is usually mild or unbearable pain in the ankle. This pain increases slowly or can happen when you walk or run. Due to this, problems such as low ankle strength and difficulty in walking can occur. Patients with akilis tendon also have a sudden sharp pain.

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Anil Kapoor upcoming projects

Talking about Anil’s workfront, he last appeared in ‘Malang Movie’. He will next be seen in Anibhav Bindra’s biopic with son Harshvardhan. Also, he will also have an important role in Karan Johar’s upcoming movie Takht Movie. Recently, there was news that Subhash Ghai will be working with Anil and Jackie Shroff once again. With both actors, he can make a movie of the title ‘Ram Chand Kishan Chand’.



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