The ‘Savage Love’ remix of Billboard Hot 100’s Javesh 5 J5, Jason Derulo and BTS reached number one, while ‘Dynamite’ is number two.


Let’s just say – BTS has always dominated the music charts domestically and internationally! After receiving the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 with their English single ‘Dynamite’, They have accumulated another song. ‘Careful love’ The remixes of Javash 685, Jason Derulo and BTS topped the Hot 100 chart. No. 2 stands tall ‘Dynamite’ That still remains the popular song!

The 'Savage Love' remix of Billboard Hot 100's Javesh 5 J5, Jason Derulo and BTS reached number one, while 'Dynamite' is number two.


‘Careful love’ The remix became the first song of Jesh 685 and the second song for Derulo and BTS. According to Billboard, “Stream, Sales and Airplay: ‘Careful love’ In the week ended October 8, according to Nielsen Music / MRC data, 16 million US streams were removed (up 32%) and 76,000 downloads (up 814%) were sold. In the week ended October 11, it was .60. Millions of Radio Airplay viewership is down (below 2%), track jumps to -2-2 on digital song sales charts, drops to -5–5 on radio songs, and rises to 20-1-14 on streaming songs. Claiming Top Sales and Streaming Gainer Honor on Hot 100. ”

As far as ‘Dynamite’ Related, “It ranks 2nd to No. 1 after 3 weeks. This digital song adds sales in the seventh week (94,000, 9% higher); falls 13-21 on streaming songs (13.4 million, down 2%)); and on radio songs 39-26 charges (27.3 million, up to 18%). ”

BTS is the first group from Black Eyed Peas to hold the first two spots on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. BEP “up to four weeks in June-July 200 in” ‘Boom Boom Po’ And ‘I think so’. Only three other pairs or groups have won both gold and silver medals in the same weekly competition: Outcast (Eight Weeks, 2003-04); B. Geez (Five, 1978); And the Beatles (10, 1964), “according to Billboard.

Cardi B and Megan the Stallions ‘WAP’ It is ranked third this week, followed by 24 Kegolden and Ian Dyer ‘Mood’ No. And at Drake & Lil Dirk ‘Laugh now cry’ At number 5.

‘Savaj Prem (Attractive – Siren Beat)’ Billboard topped the Global 200 charts for the first time this week.

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