The eighth pass was running a medical clinic


42 clinically sealed, giving medicines for cold, cough, fever during corona period

– Chloroquine injection, it is clear that getting antibiotics, immunity boosters are also being given in clinics in the name of malaria and corona.

Bhopal. Many doctors did not get degrees in the raids conducted by the hawkish doctors. When the team of SDM Govindpura Manoj Verma took action at Jholachhap Doctor in Shiv Nagar Bhanpur, the team was shocked to hear his words. Santosh, an alleged doctor who has been running the clinic for two years, has not received any degree. After further investigation by SDM, it was found that he had distributed cold, cough, fever medicine to a lot of patients during the corona period. The SDM immediately sealed the Sen clinic. In the action of MP Nagar SDM, antibiotics given to Corona patients at the clinic, injection of malaria has received chloroquine. It is clear that not only medicines for cold, cough, cold, but also medicines used to treat corona and malaria were being given at these clinics. The administration has taken action at 42 clinics. The doctors have been issued notices to show the degree.

In an investigation conducted by SDM MP Nagar Akash Srivastava, Tehsildar Manish Sharma, Ruby Clinic at Sonpura in Khajurikala, which was operated by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Gupta, Himani Pharmacy and Dispensary, Nilesh Sahu, Piya Mauhalla, Arogya Pali Clinic, Moderator Dr. Leela Kishan Singh, Yadav Clinic, Sonpura which has been found closed. Similarly, the Khajuri art of Om Sai Clinic has also been closed.

Confidential action notice
The administration had been receiving information from the doctors for coronation paints and medicines for cold, cough, fever, colds for a long time. Due to this, the patients of Kovid were not reaching the fever clinic. On arriving late he would have infected many people. After many such feedbacks, the administration has taken action by making a list in a confidential manner.

Homeopathy, Ayurveda degree cure of allopathy

Many doctors have degrees of homeopathy and Ayurveda and were treating allopathy. Many doctors did not even get a degree on the spot. Eight of the 42 clinics and doctors who have been taken action do not have degrees. What would they be treating in such a situation? You can guess yourself.

These are also flaws

Permissions taken from the Health Department were also not received by these people. Action on health department list
– Some clinics have also found some banned drugs, which will be sent for examination after making a panchnama.

– Clinics were running from morning to night in small rooms, jokes made of social distance, even masks were not found.
– Empty bottles of glucose have been found at Khajuri clinics in many places, which were incorrectly placed. Similarly, medicines were also kept carelessly in many places.

– Medicines have been sealed in suspicion of expiry from 18 clinics. These will be investigated.

Version —–
– Sudden inquiry instructions

There was a complaint about hazing doctors for a long time. Because of this, there was difficulty in controlling the infection. If the person reaches late, then it only increases his discomfort. Due to this, routine investigation was not done for a long time and suddenly the instructions have been conducted.

Avinash Lavania, Collector



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