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The Durga Puja Committee will install a monster TV screen to help people see the decorations

The city's big budget Durga Puja Samiti will adorn the idols of Goddess Durga and her offspring with 2 kg of gold and install TV…


The city’s big budget Durga Puja Samiti will adorn the idols of Goddess Durga and her offspring with 2 kg of gold and install TV screens in the streets to avoid crowds in the pandal, so that the decorations and idols in the temple can be seen.

The idols of Shribhumi Sporting Club will be adorned with gold crowns, gold chains and gold ornaments, said state fire minister Sujit Bose.

Basu said that due to the situation of Kovid-1, the pooja will lose its usual luster, but there will be no measurement of the height of the idol and its shape.

“We will ensure that visitors do not crowd into the pandal and control the crowd if there is a hint of crowd gathering. We will ask them to watch the pandal and the statue on the huge TV screen near the marquee. The leader said.

He said that this pandal will look like the famous Kedarnath temple.

The Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee, which has made its pandal as a giant kalash and placed the idol on an elevated platform from the inside to allow visitors access or a roadside view, will stream every moment of the celebration live and through it. Pooja Samiti’s website at angle 360

Somen Dutta, general secretary of the pooja committee, said, “We will provide YouTube links wherever we can see the proceedings.

The Santosh Mitra Chowk Puja Committee has banned locals from entering the puja pandal and various rituals including ‘Pushpanjali’ (offering flowers to the Goddess), Sandipujo on YouTube, Facebook Live, spokesperson of the Puja Committee will continue. Sajal Ghosh said.

Ghota said, “We will build the pandal, the inside and the image of the deity so that it is not lost.” Ghosh said.

The Jodhpur Park PP Poly will have several trucks with giant screen LED TVs to enable them to travel around the city and witness different moments of worship.

“People are allowed inside the pandal, but we want to avoid crowds at any cost,” said Ratan Dey, chairman of the committee and chairman of the Kolkata Municipal Council.

To enable those who do not visit the pandals, the Bhavanipur PP Palli will broadcast live on the puja pandal on Facebook and religious rituals, said Subir Das, secretary of the committee.

“The idol on our mother can be seen physically from October 1 due to reduced time. If anyone is afraid to participate in the crowd, he / she will be able to see and appreciate it on virtual media as well,” Das said.

This story has been published from the Wire Agency feed without altering the text. Only the caption has been changed.

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