The court is unique among the 51 Shaktipeeths, Maa Harsiddhi is also adorable to Emperor Vikramaditya


In Navaratri, the influx of devotees in Mata Harsiddhi, know why this Shaktipeeth is special….

Ujjain One of the 51 Shaktipeeths (shaktipeeth), a court of Mother Harsiddhi is also in Ujjain. Mata Sati’s elbow fell here, so this place is called Shaktipeeth. The importance of this temple is also special for the practice of tantra-mantra. Many seekers perform spiritual practice here in secret and attain mother’s attainments. Every year on the occasion of Navratri, a grand lamp shines in the temple premises, which is very ancient in its mango. This Shaktipeeth is also the adorable goddess of Emperor Vikramaditya (samrat vikramaditya).

This time too, this lamp illuminated with hundreds of lamps. The vow of those who place lamps on the lamp’s deep pillars is completed quickly. One thousand 11 lamps are lit simultaneously in two lamp pillars. This amazing Shaktipeeth is famous as Harsiddhi (harsiddhi mata temple). There is a crowd of devotees here all the time. Religious and cultural events take place during Navratri 2020. In the night, there is a happy atmosphere in Aarti. This temple is located at a distance from the Mahakakaleshwar temple.

Place to achieve

This temple is famous for tantra cultivation and attaining specific siddhis. Due to being in the Mahakal forest area, siddhis are quickly attained here, that is why devotees can be seen achieving miraculous siddhis while being absorbed in secret practices. The Tantric practices performed with the Srisukta and Vedokta mantras are very important. To fulfill the wishes of the devotees, worship is also done here on special dates. 56 bhog is offered in the court of Mother Chamunda on the fifth day of Navratri. Mata’s amazing makeup is done. Prasad is distributed. A grand decoration of Mata is done and Mahaarti is also organized in which large number of devotees arrive.

New Guideline in Coronacal

In all temples, it will be necessary to follow the guidelines this time due to coronation. No devotee will be allowed entry without mask, sanitizer. Social distancing will also be followed. Even this time, flowers and offerings will not be allowed in the court of Mother. The number of devotees among Corona is not decreasing. On the second day of Navratri, devotees thronged in Ujjain’s Harsiddhi. Here the administration has to make a lot of effort to follow social distancing.

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