Tenet Worldwide Box Office: Christopher Nolan’s SC-Fi thriller grossed 300 300 million worldwide

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Christopher Nolan was recently released Philosophy The release was delayed due to the disease Kovid-1p, however, in September 2020, the film re-entered theaters in 0 countries. After several weeks in theaters, the film has now crossed the 300 300 million mark worldwide in terms of variety.

Although the film’s box office figures look promising, the report claims that the film is struggling because it did not manage to gross more than २०० 200 million (excluding marketing and promotion expenses). The makers of the sci-fi thriller were expected to release worldwide, but the film had to be screened in re-opening countries.

Tents in the domestic market cost less than 50 million

Tents in the domestic market cost less than 50 million

In addition, due to low capacity and theaters operating in few cities, Tenet failed to raise more than 50 50 million in its domestic (North American) market. For reviews, Tenet received positive reviews from fans and critics. The film has grossed 711 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes and is still expected to release in other countries. Fans are eager to see if the sci-fi release will be even better in India with the opening of Indian cinemas soon.

Netizens have praised the theory

Netizens have praised the theory

Fans around the world have called the film Man-Bending. One user said, “People can’t get a good idea of ​​a movie only when it is reviewed, so you have to imagine how complicated the movie is (bomb emoji) #tinet #tenetviewview.”

Another said, “Time is not linear and so is Christopher Nolan’s movie! #Tinet is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. You’re not going to see and understand it, you know it. Like everyone else, I’ll do it again to understand what’s going on.” Must see! #TenetMovie “

Theaters will open in India at 50% capacity

Theaters will open in India at 50% capacity

Christopher Nolan has come up with a concept called vomit that does not travel time. The film stars John David Washington in the lead role. The promo claims that it needs to save the world but this is something bad.

Philosophy Starring Kenneth Brenag, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicky, Dimple Kapadia and Michael Kane.

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