Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing Wen said thank you to India amidst tension from China


Taipei. Taiwan has expressed its thanks to India amid continuing tensions with China on the eastern Ladakh border. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen expressed his gratitude to the Indians by tweeting and has shared some photographs related to his visit to India.

In fact, Taiwan was greeted by Indians on the occasion of Taiwan National Day. Large posters were put up outside the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi for Taiwan National Day. China had lodged a strong objection to this. Taiwan expressed happiness over such a congratulatory message from Indians.

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Now President Tsai In Weng has tweeted and said thank you to all Indians. He has also shared some pictures related to his visit to India by tweeting. He has also praised Indian culture and Indian heritage.

President Tsai went to see the Taj Mahal during his visit to India. Tweeting the pictures there, he wrote, ‘Hello our friends in India, thank you for following me. Your greeting messages remind me of memorable moments spent in your incredible country. Your Vastu wonders, vibrant culture and kind people are truly unforgettable. I miss my time so much ‘.

Taiwan gave a befitting reply to China

Posters were put up in New Delhi on the occasion of Taiwan’s National Day. Not only this, Taiwan had also given a full-page advertisement in two national newspapers earlier. China had strongly objected to this and said that India should stay away from this matter. India is working to increase tensions with China by supporting Taiwan.

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The Taiwan Foreign Ministry had earlier thanked India’s support. The Ministry tweeted saying that thank you for the congratulatory messages from Indians. We are happy with this support and when we say that India likes us, we also accept it. Taiwan was directly challenged and said “go to hell” when China protested.



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