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Why do women show cleavage to compete with men? Sona Mohapatra responded in a special way

new Delhi. These days on social media, people have started speaking impatiently to the common people. They have started to open their sides on every incident. Among them, Bollywood stars are also not far behind. Now look at the singer Sona Mahapatra. He is also counted among actresses who fearlessly present their side and appears to give a befitting reply when trolled. Recently such an incident was witnessed. In which a user commented badly on Sona for speaking on the Feminist issue. Let us tell you what the whole matter is.

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In fact, the user targeted Sona Mohapatra in a tweet that wrote “Why do all the feminists need to show cleavage to compete with men … and after watching some of your interviews it seems that you own the gang gang She has been a victim but despite this, you are trying to get into her gang and continue to seduce them …. what a contradiction. “

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After reading this tweet, Sona did not sit silent and in a very cool manner, she replied to the man. The singer wrote in her tweet – She is giving a suggestion that before talking to anyone, get treatment of Sai cleavage of the brain. Leave the Feministy that is wooing the bolly gang. Understanding the meaning of cleavage, the gold user said that its meaning is divided into two parts. Seeing Sona’s answer, many people are supporting him. His tweet is being liked.

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By the way, let me tell you this is not the first time that a troll has tweeted to Sona. Even before this many people have trolled Sona. Even during that time, gold was seen in this harsh style. Sona has clashed with many actresses with common people. Which includes the names of Sonakshi Sinha and Kangana Ranaut. Sona was infatuated with both these actresses. After which Kangana and Sonakshi blocked Sona.