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Shardiya Navratri 2020: Chanting this mantra on the fourth day of Navratri today, can give you amazing wealth

Surefire way to get money suddenly on Navratri…

Today is the fourth day of Shardiya Navaratri 2020, on this fourth day the Kushmanda form of Maa Durga is worshiped. According to astrology, where the mother of Kushmanda guides the sun and worshiping them, the ill effects of the sun can be avoided. At the same time, it is also recognized that anyone who wants to solve problems like receiving money, employment and the arrival of money on this day, should chant some mantras lawfully on this day. According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, for this, any devotee can get immense blessings from the blessings of mother Kushmanda by going to the temple of Mother or by chanting them at least 108 times during sunrise in their home.

1- For Sudden Money: Do this
Under this, on the fourth day of Navratri, purify yourself in the temple of Maa Durga or at the place of worship in your home and sit on a yellow seat, facing the north direction, now burn the new 9 lamps of clay or lamp in front of Mother. Keep in mind that these lamps should keep burning till your worship continues. Make a pile of red rice in front of the lamp and install a Sriyantra on it and worship it with kunkum, flowers, incense, lamps

Now chant this mantra with white rhinestone garland-

mantra- ।। O Shri Shri Shri Shree Mahalakshmai Namay: ।।

Pray to the mother of your wish to complete the chanting of the mantra. On the second day in the morning, install Sriyantra at your place of worship and pour the remaining pooja material into a river or bury it in a secluded place. It is believed that by doing this means suddenly a lot of money is received in a few days.

To get the desired job-
On the fourth day of Sharadiya Navaratri, in the morning worship place a white colored cotton seat and sit on it, facing east direction. Now spread a yellow cloth with a crystal beads on it and spread a yellow cloth on it and sprinkle saffron and perfume on it and worship it with incense and lamps. After worshiping, chant the below given mantra 251 times with the same rosary, chanting both in the morning and in the evening. It is believed that after this remedy, wherever you go for a job, you will get the desired job.

mantra- ।। Unhli Vagwadini Bhagwati Mama Work Siddhi Kuru Kuru Phat Swaha ।।



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Shardiya Navratri 2020: Fourth day of Navratri, know the worship, mantra and bhog of Maa Kushmanda

Shardiya navratri 4th day maa kushmanda shubh muhurat mantra puja vidhi vrat katha: Shardiya Navratri 2020: fourth day of Navratri, know the worship, mantra and enjoyment of Mother Kushmanda – India TV Hindi News



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Shardiya Navratri 2020: Third day of Navratri, know the method, mantra and enjoyment of worship of mother Chandraghanta

Chandraghanta-India TV Hindi
Image Source : INDIA TV Chandraghanta

On the nine days of Navratri, different forms of Maa Durga are worshiped. Today is the third day of Navratri. On this day, Chandraghanta is worshiped in the form of Mother Durga. In this form of Maa Chandraghanta, the mother rides on a tiger and the body color is bright like gold. At the same time there is a crescent moon on the forehead, that is why this form of the mother is called Chandraghanta. In this incarnation, the mother is holding arms in ten arms. It is believed that worshiping Maa Chandraghanta along with valor-dependence also develops gentleness and humility. Apart from this, the ear begins to grow in the mouth, eyes and entire body.

It is very important to have the quality of salt in a true friend, because…

The reason for falling mother Chandraghanta

Mother Durga wore this Chandraghanta form to destroy the demons. At that time, the demon named Mahishasura was very aggressive. Mahishasura Devaraja wanted to sit on the throne of Indra and he wished to rule the heavens. The gods were greatly disturbed by this wish of Mahishasura. The deity went to the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Hearing this problem of the gods, these three gods got very angry.

Due to the anger of these three, a goddess emerged from the energy that came from the mouth. All the gods gave their weapons to the goddess. Devraj gave the goddess an hour. Surya gave his speed and ride to Singh. Mother Chandraghanta killed the demon Mahishasura and freed the gods from her terror.

Enjoyment of mother Chandraghanta
Mata is pleased by offering kheer, pudding or delicious sweets to the girls. Apart from this, by offering cow’s milk pudding made to Goddess Chandraghanta, the person gets rid of all the obstacles.

Even without forgetting, human beings should not do any work under these three conditions, everything can be finished in one stroke

Worship of Mother Chandraghanta

  • Install the idol or picture of Mata Chandraghanta at the Mata Ki Chowki
  • After this, purify with Ganges water or cow urine
  • Fill a pitcher with silver, copper or clay water and place the urn by placing coconut on it.
  • Take pledge of worship and worship all the established deities including Vedic and Saptashati mantras
  • Aavahana, Asana, Padya, Adhya, Achman, Bath, Clothing, Saubhagya Sutra, Sandalwood, Roli, Turmeric, Vermilion, Durva, Bilvapatra, Ornament, Flower-necklace, Aromatic Fluor, Incense-Deep, Naivedya, Fruit, Pan, Dakshina, Aarti , Pradakshina, chanting mantras etc.
  • Finally perform pujan by distributing prasad

Vande desired benefactor Chandrakaram Shekharam.
Sinharudha Chandraghanta Yashaswaniam
Manipur Stitham III Durga Trinetram.
Khang, Gada, Trishul, Chapashar, Padam Kamandalu Mala Varabithakaram
Patamber Garments Mriduhasya Nanalankar Bhushitam.
Manjir Har Keur, Kinkini, Ratnakundal Manditam.
Prafulla Vandana Bibadhara Kant Kapola Tung Kucham.
Kamaniya Lavanya Kshinakati Nitambanim

Hymn text
Aapududdhaarini twam adya shakti: Shubhaparam.
अणिमादि सिध्दिदात्री चंद्रघटा प्रणमाभ्यम्॥
Chandramukhi Ishta Datri Ishta Mantra Swarupanim.
Dhanadatri, Anandadatri Chandraghante Pranambhayam
Nanarupadharini Ichchanayi Aishwaryadayanim.
Saubhagyarrogyadayini Chandraghanta Pranamabhyam

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मुख्य समाचार

The grace of Shani will rain in this way, God of justice will remove every sorrow

: How to worship Shani Dev …
When to start Saturday fast …
: What to eat and what not to do on Saturday fast…
: What is the worship method of Shani Dev …
: Rules of worship of Shani Dev …
: Worshiping Shani Dev on Saturday gives relief from sorrow, poverty, disease, mourning …

Shani is considered the god of justice in the Navagrahas. Under this, he punishes them for the wrong deeds done by the individuals, due to this penal law, while people are afraid of them on the one hand, they are also considered cruel planets. Whereas if you have not done any wrong act, Shani Dev never punishes you, but also provides you with help in moving forward. That is why it is believed that Saturn has the ability to move a person from haem to floor and from haem to floor.

According to experts, the influence of planets is considered very strong in astrology. On the other hand, if we talk about Saturn, then this planet is considered to be the most effective planet. If its position in a person’s horoscope is not right, then due to this, many troubles and sorrows start coming in life. Among all the planets, Saturn has the most harmful effect on humans due to the penal law. In the name of Shani Dev, fear sits in people’s minds. Everyone wants that Saturn should not have a bad effect on them. If a person is suffering from the half-century of Saturn, then due to this, many kinds of sorrows, misfortunes start.

Shani Dev is the son of Lord Surya, due to which he is considered to be the God of unmatched powers. According to the scriptures, Shani Devta gives fruits according to deeds to a person. If you worship Shani Dev on Saturday, you can get rid of sorrow, poverty, disease, mourning. In such a situation, how should we start the worship of Saturday fast and what is its method of worship? Going to give information about it.

When to start Saturday fast …
According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, according to the scriptures, those who want to fast on Saturday can start on any Saturday. But if they start Saturday fast in Shravan month, then it is considered very special. If you have started Saturday fast then you should fast on Saturday 7, 19, 25, 33 or 51, it is believed that this will remove all the troubles of your life.

Puja Vidhi of shani dev: Saturday fast and Shani fast
: If you are fasting on Saturday, then you get up in Brahma Muhurta on this day, after that after bathing with the water of a river or a well, you offer water to the Peepal tree.
: On Saturday, during the worship of Shani Dev, bathe the idol of Shani Devta made of iron with panchamrit, after which you will have to install the idol on a lotus of 24 teams made from rice.
: Saturday devotees should worship the idol of Shani Dev lawfully. If you go to any temple of Shani Dev and offer blue flowers, you will get special benefit from it.
: You should worship the idol of Shani Dev with black sesame, sun, lamp, black cloth and oil etc.
: During the worship of Shani Dev, you chant 10 names of Shani Dev, “Konastha, Krishna, Pippala, Sauri, Yama, Pingalo, Rodrutko, Babhru, Mand, Shanaichar”, after this, after the worship is complete, you can use the stem of the Peepal tree. But the threads of yarn are tied with seven circles.

Eat these things on Saturday fast …
Those observing the fast on Saturday should keep in mind that during the fast, food should be served after 2 hours of sunset. Devotees who observe Saturday fast should eat only one time. You make things made with urad flour in food. You can eat urad dal khichdi or dal, with this you can eat some fried food or banana in fruit.