Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma: Chef posed as Popatlal in lockdown, women of society suffer


Mumbai. All members of the Gokuldham Society of the comedy show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma’ are upset due to the lockdown. PopatLal like other members are also upset. He wants to get married in lockdown. At the same time, the men of the society have been troubled by the work ‘Home from Home’ and their work routine. Mahila Mandal is fed up with the ever-changing nature of her husbands and the dull behavior of children.

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Popatlal realizes lack of life partner
Journalist Popatlal realizes his home is a fulltime cook due to the lockdown. Although they had to cook for themselves, at least they had the option of eating outside, meeting colleagues and others. However, now, due to being stuck at home, his daily routine makes him miss a partner. Doing the same household chores alone, he is longing for a life partner. Popatlal, explains to Champaklal that he has no objection to doing all the household chores himself, but because of this his life has become tasteless. After hearing all this, Champakalal thinks that not only Popatlal but also all the residents of the society are going through the pain of lockdown and will have to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

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Trouble in every house
Champakalal calls everyone in turn to investigate the problems faced by the lockdown in the lives of his son and the rest of the society. He first calls Madhavi. She says that Bhide has become so busy with his online classes nowadays that even though he is not available at home, his list of online classes remains scattered in the house. Champaklal next calls the gentle elephant. She tells her how she has become upset with pill eating, sleeping, online movies, shows and gaming. Due to Dr. Hathi being constantly busy with his calls, Komal has to run all the parts of the house herself. Roshan has the same condition. Sodhi keeps thinking only about the party all the time.

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Women and men of the society under stress
Champaklal then calls Babita. She tells them about the concern about Iyer. Iyer keeps reading and watching the development of the treatment of corona virus all the time. He is busy in knowing every little information in the scientific community. After all, Champaklal calls Anjali, so the atmosphere of his home has become something similar. She tells Champak uncle that her husband Tarak is feeling very stressed about her job and boss. From morning till night he is busy with his laptop. Even he had to cancel the dinner date of the house one evening and Anjali had to eat alone as a result.


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