Swati Dixit: Monal is trying to create chaos between Akhil and Abhijeet in Bigg Boss House

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 reality show is going on its 30th day and it has to be said that Josh is really high! The mini-screen audience watched high voltage drama during the 5 nominations per week. Despite the differences between the many contestants, the highest spotlight was cast between Akhil Sarthak and Abhijeet. The two also drew the name of our common friend ‘Monal Gajjar’ in their quarrel, who then burst into tears and begged them to talk about their differences and stop everything and her name.

Well, at home, Akhil and Abhijeet’s arguments are now a topic of discussion on social media, but for another reason. Former contestant of the show Swati Dixit spoke to the media about the differences between the two. Saying that Monal Gajjar is confusing the couple, she said, “She (Monal) is trying to create confusion between these two people. They are both Abhi and Akhil are very nice in their way. Abhi is not interested at all. She goes to her. Akhil and says “Abhi is behind me. I think he did it for the camera. I think he’s fake. I don’t like his instincts. I don’t like him.” And surprisingly, the two of them don’t know what she’s saying to the other person. Abhijeet doesn’t understand her. He’s confused by the way she behaves. “

Speaking about Akhil, she said, “His focus is on Monal, but I think he’s becoming a fool. He’s becoming a big fool. He has a lot of plans to do after the show. He’s a real man.”

In a related letter, wild-card entrant Swati Dixit was evicted in 4 weeks. She was able to stay home for only a week.

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