Suryadev is happy with these works, negativity will go away

Surya as soul in all the living world …

Among Hindus, Suryadev is considered to be one of the Adi Panch Devas and the only visible god of the Kali Yuga. According to religious beliefs, Sunday is considered to be the day of the Sun God. On this day, the Sun God is worshiped lawfully, in relation to this, it is believed that by worshiping the Sun God on Sunday, a person can get the desired fruit, even in the mythological texts, the Sun has been considered a deity, the same Sun is all In the living world it is considered as a form of soul, from sun itself a person gets energy and strength in his life.

According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, if you please the Sun God, it will improve your living conditions, as well as get rid of poverty and negativity. Regarding the blessings of the Sun God, Pandit Sharma says that there are some remedies for this, which not only gets the blessings of Surya Narayan ji, but the success of the person also increases as the happiness and prosperity of the family increases.

Do this work on Sunday to please Suryadev …
You should worship the Sun God on Sunday, this can improve the conditions of your life, you should wake up early in the morning on Sunday and take a bath after retiring from all your work, after that you can go to any temple or house. After offering water to the Sun God, you worship him lawfully, during the worship you offer him red sandalwood, jaggery flower, rice, you can offer him a sweet meal made from jaggery or jaggery, after that you will mantra “उं खखोल्काय शान्ताय करणत्रयहेतवे।, निवेदयामी चात्मानं नमस्ते ज्ञानरूपिणे ।., त्वमेव ब्रह्म परममापो ज्योती रसोमृत्तम्।”Will have to be recited.

: If you offer the Sun God on Sunday or daily, then it will destroy all your sins and also remove the impoverishment and negativity of your life.

: If you recite Surya Adityahrdaya Sroot on Sunday, then it gives miraculous results in your life, because this text is considered very miraculous and effective, it removes all kinds of fears and eliminates diseases.

: If you flow jaggery in flowing water at the time of sun rise on Sunday, then you get auspicious results.

: If you use red flowers or white lotus flowers in worship to the Sun God on Sunday or Saptami date, and fasting, then you get the blessings of the Sun God, by this grace you will get all the happiness, as if – Honor also increases, you get success in your work.

: If you want to please the Sun God, then do not do anything against the father and should serve the parents.

: If you want to please the sun god, then donate red colored sweets, jaggery, copper metal, wheat, red and yellow colored colored garments.

According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, these are some ways to please the Sun God on Sunday, in relation to which it is believed that if you do this work on Sunday, then it will remove the troubles of your life and will bring happiness and prosperity in the home family. , By taking these measures, your life will be positive and poverty will be destroyed.



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