Surat airport metamorphosis begins


Project to be executed at a cost of 355 crores, first due to environmental clearance and then corona

face. Efforts to improve the infrastructure of Surat Airport are now seen taking color. The Airport Authority of India has approved Rs 355 crore for this. As soon as the approval from the center, work has started on Surat Airport.

In view of the increasing number of flights and passengers at Surat Airport, the Airport Authority of India had decided to increase basic facilities at Surat Airport. For this, the Authority approved projects worth 355 crores. Work at the airport would have started earlier, but was stuck due to lack of environment clearance certificate. The corona lockdown bottleneck prevented further advancement before the environment was cleared. If the situation is a bit cautious, the authority also came into action and cleared the grant of Rs 355 crore while approving the infrastructure projects. After approval from the Authority, work has also started at Surat Airport.

This will be metamorphosed

Infrastructure works at the airport include development of taxi tracks along with aprons. A new terminal will be built over an area of ​​25,520 square meters. It will have a seating capacity of 1200 domestic and 600 international passengers. The new terminal with state-of-the-art technology will have 20 check-in counters, five aerobridges, five belts, 475 vehicles and parking facilities. In addition, the project work will include the expansion of five to 23 parking aprons as well as the construction of parallel taxi tracks. Along with this, an international level restaurant will also be started for travelers.

Waiting for international flight

Surat Airport is now awaiting international flights. The pending flight between Surat to Sharjah will also begin after international flights are approved. In addition, the process of exploring the possibilities of starting airlines for other countries will be expedited. According to experts, after the change in the infrastructure of Surat Airport, it will become easier to find new opportunities for international flights.



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